Carl McCain Memorial Foundation 30th Annual Chili & Fajita Cook-Off
Rules and Guidelines for this year’s Chili/Fajita Cookoff:
1. One member of each team shall be designated Captain and be responsible for their team.
Team Captains will insure that each team member reads and understands rule number 3.
2. Draft beer and soft drinks will be provided.
3. Under no circumstances will any team, team member or attendee be allowed to bring
beer or wine in any form onto the premises.
Any team or individual on premises found consuming beer not furnished by the facility will be disqualified and or asked to leave immediately.  For the benefit of future functions, we ask that you please strictly adhere to this rule.
4.  It is strongly encouraged and appreciated that teams have an activity such as a raffle or game to raise money for the Carl McCain Foundation.
5. Only small portable cooking equipment shall be used.  Any coals produced must be removed by the cookoff team.
6. Each team will be required to prepare a minimum of ten pounds of meat per category
entered. A small quantity of each category will be submitted to the judges and (hopefully)
the crowd will want to eat the remainder. Any other food items you want to cook for the
crowd such as hot dogs, burgers, chicken breasts etc., are welcome.
7. Cooking teams may set up and start cooking at 8:00 a.m. For those who would like to
arrive a little early, the facility opens at approximately 7:00. We will try to accommodate the
special needs of any team.
8. At 10:00 a.m. all team captains will meet at the stage for review of these rules and to pick
up food containers for their competition samples.
9. Sample sizes should be sufficient for 10 judges.
10. In order to ensure that all food entries are hot and fresh when submitted, each team will be
responsible for delivering their entries to the stage at the times specified below. The chow
bell will ring five minutes prior to the times that the competitors’ samples are due at the
stage. The deadline for entries is five minutes after the delivery times listed below. The
times for contest sample deliveries will be:
a. 11:30 am – Chef’s Choice: BINGO is the Theme-O!  Be prepared to explain how your entry relates to BINGO - use your imagination
b. 12: 15 p.m. - Fajitas
c. 1:00 p.m. Chili
11. Beef fajita meat must be used for competition entry.
12. Chili meat may include wild game, e.g., rattlesnake, raccoon, armadillo, etc. No roadkill,
13. Chef’s Choice: BINGO is the Theme-O!  Be prepared to explain how your entry relates to BINGO - use your imagination
14.  Chili, faijitas and chef's choice item must all be prepared on site.
15. Judging will be upon the basis of appearance, texture, and flavor.
16. We will provide a tent for your team from Turnkey Events.
17. Teams will be responsible for providing plates, bowls, spoons, forks and napkins.
18. Please bring pails for water and cleanup in order to prevent the creation of a mud pit by the
water hose.
19. To register a team, please use this website or contact Rick Sell at
The cost is $1500 per team & includes 10 entry wristbands.
Send checks made out to Carl McCain Foundation to:
Murphy E&P
c/o Rick Sell, The Carl McCain Memorial Foundation
9805 Katy Freeway, Suite G-200
Houston, TX  77024
Any additional questions please contact Rick Sell at
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